I’m an angry middle aged woman today and I don’t give a shit.

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Something happened today that astounded me. It made me angry. It shocked me. It infuriated me. My best friend said, “your just middle aged and angry like the rest of us” But I don’t normally like to…


Kindness goes a long way

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Dear Spelling/Grammatical Police,

I wonder if I could have a word and appeal to your humanity?

We can all make mistakes, even with Grammarly, Word and any other spell checker. Sometimes things slip through the net.

Each time this happens, I fear you are waiting to pounce with glee.


Or do you mind your own damn business?

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I have had my suspicions for a while now. I know the signs. I know him too well.

Twelve years of living under the same roof as his lying ass.

Hindsight has made me see things so clearly. The subtitles I missed…

Being officially diagnosed this year, writing on Medium was a step of bravery for me.

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“Go stand out in the corridor, please”

I can’t tell you how many times my teachers at school said this to me. I once had my very own table out in the hallway. I would get frustrated and upset, and I felt I couldn’t articulate why I wasn’t able to…

You teach them to fly, so they fly.

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Do you remember what it was like when your kids were little, and it never seemed to stop? The endless questions, the constant asking for snacks, the sibling bickering. Those days when you would hide in the bathroom for two minutes. Sliding down the back of the door, your head…

Does this make me a bad woman?

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Recently I have been dating a new guy. Let’s call him Flower Guy. He is the manager at the trade flower market I use. I’m a florist, so we have got pretty well acquainted over the years. He’s the first guy I’ve dated since my divorce, and the only reason…

A sorry tale of my meltdown in the bank and the lady who didn’t give a shit.

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A couple of weeks ago, I received my Decree Absolute through the mail from my solicitor. I was officially divorced. That simple white sheet of paper, with its simple red stamp at the bottom, holds so much weight within its flimsy existence. Technically, I was now “free”. May I take…

An epiphany or two in love and letting go

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I wrote an excellent article the other day. I had sat out in the sun writing on my patio. In Scotland, this is a rare event; we do not get many days where we can sit out for hours in the warmth. …

Dignity in silence or bring them down in a blaze of glory?

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Last night my friend messaged me, “Well…why didn’t you think of this?” followed by a photo her husband took on his way home from work. It was of a very busy, very public roundabout in our city. …

Sometimes they come — sometimes they go.

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I can’t speak for men. I have no idea if their bodies react to the life they are experiencing in the way a woman’s body does.

It would be easy for me as a woman to generalize that all men can orgasm any time they feel like it, from puberty…

H. J. Blakely

Forty something, embarking on new adventures. Twice divorced, mother, feminist, dyslexic.Unapologetically speaking my truth. Drop me a line @blakelyhj@gmail.com

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